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Ηey maniax all over Europe

12 days have remained till the European tour kicks off and we can't wait to hit the road, meet you all and have a blast together, the Suicidal Angels way!
Here is the flyer with the final tour dates. Find the one (or more) closer to you and make sure to get your tickets in time.

We would also like to inform you that Gus will be available for guitar lessons on this tour, so all of you Guitar enthousiasts out there that are interested for more info and to book a lesson, make sure to contact him through these 2 options:

1. Inbox him on his Facebook profile
2. Email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hurry up cause the positions are VERY limited.

See you all very soon!!!


We are extremely honoured that one of our songs became a project of work from some talented students, in the other side of the planet. Below we present you an animated video, made by the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, as part of the Bachelor of Design (Animation & Interactive Media) program. We definitely want to thank them all and express our gratitude to the following:

- The directors: Brandon Chung & Aonghas Shearer-Boyd

- The animators: Veronika Aifeld, Laura Battista, Constance Boyce, Sean Carter, Kangsun Cho, Brandon Chung, Bonita Colles, Toby Garrow, Skye Henwood, Dylan Langmaid, Saskia Milledge, Thomas Murray, Madison Palmieri, Jaidon Powell, Aonghas Shearer-Boyd

- The producers: Aaron McLoughlin & Simon Norton

They've created something so impressive and powerful and we are pretty sure that the future of animation lays in their hands! Hopefully we'll have the chance to meet them all, as soon as we visit and tour Australia. Thank you very much for the support and the great work! You guys nailed it ! ! !


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The days for the Eastern Europe Domination tour are getting closer and for your information, some of the venues have changed.
We re-post here the new poster, with all the necessary details and dates and we are looking forward to meet you all crazy maniax next week. For all of you asking about the tickets, here are the links to book 'em or you can find them straight at the doors of each venue. Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Russia Legions are you ready to thrash???

Kiev - at the entrance


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Almost after 15 years and with the help of Floga Rec, we present you with honour, what we created and how we played at the very beginning of this band! It’s a journey through the time with a wonderful package, both cd and cassette, so as to refresh the memories of the older and for the young to learn. Tough times, even tougher for Thrash. There was no home recording, there was no home productions, it was simple love for the music, analogue mixing boards, studios, 4 clicks and rec. Of course times are changing, some say towards better times, some claim to worse, but the thing here is that this boxset comes in order to remind us some stuff from the past. So, whoever wants to have place his pre-order, press on the following link. We are definitely sure that it will be interesting, don’t miss the chance to dive in to the past and live with us the first steps of this band!!!


"Division Of Blood" - official Videoclip

"Mother war is feeding me
Once again to survive
Throw down your guns, lay down your souls
What keeps you think you’ll be alive
Do you believe your precious god
Will save you from the fire
I set the rules, you play the game
You little kid, you filthy liar

Death, fire, We are the division of blood

I’m born and raised in shadow dust
Let’s play the seek and hide
I follow back your lithium smell
Dizzy brain can’t hold it tight
You still believe your stupid god
Is here to save your life
I tell you a secret you’re all alone
Kneel down you dog, i’m cursed divine

Death, fire, We are the division of blood

Under a blackened God
Division of Blood
Raise the flag
Division of Blood

Father God forgive me please
When death comes to me ripping
Can’t stand this fight, no more this hell
To hear the clock that’s ticking
Before the time has come to say
The last words of my prayers
Raise me in to the hands of doom
Relief me of the betrayers

Death, fire, We are the division of blood

Under a blackened God
Division of Blood
Raise the flag
Division of Blood"

OUT AND LOUD Running-Order released!

Sunday's running order of Out & Loud Festival is officially announced. We are so glad to be part of the Main stage acts, sharing the stage with some really cool bands! It will definitely be a hell of show, put on your bullet belts and join us!!!

OAL Running Order