"Division Of Blood" - official Videoclip

"Mother war is feeding me
Once again to survive
Throw down your guns, lay down your souls
What keeps you think you’ll be alive
Do you believe your precious god
Will save you from the fire
I set the rules, you play the game
You little kid, you filthy liar

Death, fire, We are the division of blood

I’m born and raised in shadow dust
Let’s play the seek and hide
I follow back your lithium smell
Dizzy brain can’t hold it tight
You still believe your stupid god
Is here to save your life
I tell you a secret you’re all alone
Kneel down you dog, i’m cursed divine

Death, fire, We are the division of blood

Under a blackened God
Division of Blood
Raise the flag
Division of Blood

Father God forgive me please
When death comes to me ripping
Can’t stand this fight, no more this hell
To hear the clock that’s ticking
Before the time has come to say
The last words of my prayers
Raise me in to the hands of doom
Relief me of the betrayers

Death, fire, We are the division of blood

Under a blackened God
Division of Blood
Raise the flag
Division of Blood"

OUT AND LOUD Running-Order released!

Sunday's running order of Out & Loud Festival is officially announced. We are so glad to be part of the Main stage acts, sharing the stage with some really cool bands! It will definitely be a hell of show, put on your bullet belts and join us!!!

OAL Running Order

Suicidal Angels - Frontgate solo

Frontgate SoloSome super fast alternate picked licks in this one. Especially the arpeggio in the middle.
Lets see you trying this one guitar freaks.

SUICIDAL ANGELS @ 2 Smoking barrels radioshow

We came, we saw, we conquered...

Special thanx to Harris and Kyriakos from the 2 Smoking Barrels (Radio Show) for the invitation, the hospitality and the amazing 2 hours we had together in the studio. Whoever isn’t familiar with their job, take a listen, it definitely worths the time! Below there’s a 3 minute mix of the time we had with them during the show! 


Look at his shirt!!!

Division of Blood has been already on the market for the last couple of weeks and we invite you all to share with us your opinion of your favourite songs, your photos with the cd's, the vinyls spinning on the decks or any other stuff from your Suicidal collection. Below we have the pleasure to share with you a video we found, with mr. Poulsen from Volbeat who seems that he enjoyed our new record quite a lot, just take a look at his t-shirt!!! What an honour! Thank you!