Thrash Alliance 2020 Tour 2nd leg announced !!

10 days before we jump on the Thrash Alliance European tour with Destruction and Legion of The Damned, we are in the pleasant position to announce our participation in the 2nd leg of the tour with Destruction + the Spanish Armada, Crisix! Visiting UK, Ireland and some other countries of the European continent, we promise you to tear the stages apart and bring chaos all over Europe! Do not m83886777 2801612720150044 6128489139605078016 niss this by any chance ! Info on the pre-sales comes soon!

Orfeas is now officially a Czarcie Kopyto endorser !!

Orfeas says:

"I have tried several different pedals through the years, to find
the one that will fit perfectly my style and my demands as a player.
Well, the search is over! I've found what I was searching for in Czarcie Kopyto!!!
Power, stability, control, balance, all in one pedal!
Mark my words, that’s the new generation of high quality pedals for all the drummers out there!."

Thrash Alliance 2020 Tour announcement !!

The Band States:

By the release of our new album, “Years of Aggression” and after our homeland shows on January, it’s time for Europe to be under the blade! The Thrash Alliance tour, with the German titans Destruction, Dutch top quality Legion of the Damned and the killer Final Breath, an absolute combination of Thrashing forces, will set the cities on fire every single night! Check out the poster, find the city near you and join us for a Thrash metal inferno! More details and pre-sale links coming soon...


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Suicidal Angels signs with Continental Records !!

The band states: 

We're in the most pleasant position to share with you, we’ve signed a new booking deal with Continental Concerts & Management GmbH! From now on, they take over the booking duties of the band and we're really excited about this! As promised, more news are coming, keep your radar active!

Continental Concerts states:

Thrash Metal as its best! Continental Concerts are really happy to announce that hellenic SUICIDAL ANGELS will join our roster. Welcome boys!


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Suicidal Angels Live in Athens, 11th of January 2020

Athens, your attention please! Headline Show, announcement!

Saturday the 11th of January 2020, we’ll be on the stage of Peiraios Academy, presenting our new record, combined with lots of stuff from our back catalog in an explosive setlist! Along with us will be a great band and a great bunch of friends of ours, FULL HOUSE B.C. !!
Below is the poster with all necessary information, join us, this will be serious artillery!!! Starting from Athens, the rest of Greece will follow! More info is to be revealed soon! Don't miss this. 2020 will start ferociously. We guarantee that!


For Hard Copies: (10 euros)

-Hunter Agency , Panepistimiou 42
tel: 2103608366

-Metal Era
Emanouil Benaki 22
tel : 213304133


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