BloodBathTrack list:           

1.         Bloodbath                                          04:41
2.         Moshing Crew                                              03:51
3.         Chaos (The Curse Is Burning Inside)           04:35
4.         Face of God                                       03:36
5.         Morbid Intention to Kill                    06:07
6.         Summoning of the Dead                               04:21
7.         Legacy of Pain                                              03:32
8.         Torment Payback                                          02:55
9.         Skinning the Undead                         03:22
10.       Bleeding Cries                                               06:01                  

Pre- production at Zero Gravity Studios
Recorder at Music factory and Prophecy Studios
Produced by: Suicidal Angels
Mixed by: Jorg Uken
Mastered by: Jorg Uken

Released on January 27th,2012 via NoiseArt Records.

Format: CD + vinyl

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